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Ohan Kayikchyan Ph.D., CFP®




Hi, I am Ohan


I am a Doctor of Economics and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with over 20 years of financial industry experience.


    I help you pay off debt fast and build wealth on autopilot so you can live a life of choice. 

    I was born in Armenia, the former Soviet Union, and grew up in a family of hard-working parents, who got paid only enough to make ends meet. Growing up in such an environment and not having any family savings or assets, I believed that earning, handling and growing money was a difficult task.

    So I moved to the States in 2009 with all these limiting beliefs about money. On top of that, I also used to think that investing is only for rich people . . . and definitely not for immigrants like me. 

    But after working in the financial industry and educating myself about money I found out that you don’t need to have any financial or math degrees to manage your money for your best interest. Handling money is way simpler than what we are constantly being sold to believe.

    I believe money can’t buy happiness, but it can definitely buy freedom. Currently, I am debt-free and on my journey to pursue financial independence. 

    And I want to share my knowledge and experience in the simplest way for you to start your own journey as well. 

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    Let today be your DAY ONE, not just one day!